oh, hey. i blogged.

i'm not sure how many people actually read my blog anymore. i basically started a new life when i moved to kansas, which left no time for this little corner of the internet.

i've been craving it a lot lately. there are creative juices that flow thru my fingertips and thru the lens of my camera and in my mind and heart and soul every single day. i finally took time to sit down saturday afternoon and get it all out on paper. y'all - it felt SO good! i purged all the ideas + to-do's + thoughts + goals from my brain into a blank notebook.

i'm not sure many people still read this blog anymore. i looked at my pageviews for fun the other day. this graphic i made went viral on pinterest, so that's where the traffic comes from these days. numbers + followers seem silly if you really think about it.

i still read blogs regularly, but not as many as before. the blogging community got a little annoying to me last year. words like "grace" and "intentional" and "community" became so overused in blog posts and instagram. or everyone was buying the same planner/shirt/sandals/pens/coffee mugs/etc and i just wanted to separate myself from the idea that i had to have all the things. social media can suck you into that if you're not careful. it's embarrassing to see the products i've bought over the last three years that stemmed from this ridiculous idea that if a popular blogger had it - then i needed it as well. temporary fills never satisfy the way Jesus can.  

i'm throwing around the idea of blogging every day for a week or two. i'll give myself ten to fifteen minutes, but no other limitations. just write it out. or go for a walk + post the photos i take.


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