currently | june twenty-sixteen

loving:  the little moments with jared, like grocery shopping + cuddling on the couch + coffee dates.

writing:  the details i want to remember.

reading:  "looking for lovely" by annie f. downs.  

learning:  how to find a balance on social media and the internet.

laughing at:  writing 'currently' posts on myspace, but calling them surveys.  HA!

watching:  pretty little liars. netflix.

listening:  to anything and all videos that lara casey posts of fb/periscope.

craving:  homemade chai lattes. i drink like three per day.

needing:  more milk for my chai lattes. :)

eating:  healthier, but giving myself little indulgences.

drinking:  green tea + kombucha. with my weird health issues as of late, this stuff seems to help!

feeling:  inspired by pinterest, nature, online friends, photos, life in general.    

anticipating:  our colorado trip! the mountains are calling my name.

making me happy:

popsicles. milo's puppy cuddles. chai lattes. helpful co-workers. my powersheets. fresh inspiration. blog friends. worship. bright nail polish. summer flowers. watermelon slushes. camping trips. coffee dates. 90s music.


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