a month in review // february twenty-sixteen.


-  new coffee shop down the street.
-  begging for food.
-  leap day + a vanilla latte + pretty rings.
-  his first walk in the park. he was so excited! (and thirsty)
-  i love that jared insists on buying fresh flowers every week. he gets me.
-  is this what it's like to have kids? i opened the shower curtain to this and laughed.
-  flowers from hubs.
-  we let them on the couch, and they were in heaven.
-  powersheets prep for march. i use the blank page at the end of each month to mind-map goals.


-  watched the superbowl. it was so underwhelming this year. but at least the broncos won!

-  we visited a new coffee shop, ecclesia, in wichita at the beginning of the month. the mood is stellar, the coffee is superb, and the owner loves Jesus. it's my new favorite place to hang out on the weekends.

-  this was such a crazy month at work. between tax season and continuing to learn, i had a lot on my plate.

-  THE WEATHER. praise the Lord for beautiful spring-like temps in february!

-  between having a cold for three weeks, then turning around and getting a stomach bug followed by a two-day migraine and then a bladder infection and then side effects from the antibiotics, i was sick for the majority of february. this month was just tough because of sickness. i am thankfully on the mend though!

-  we had a slumber party with our nieces. chick flicks + painted our nails + ate ice cream = so much fun!

-  celebrated leap day with a latte and work and laziness at home with hubs.

-  two words:  FULLER HOUSE.


-  if i have a cute cup, i will drink more water. what is it about a ten dollar cup from target that makes me want to actually drink water?

-  chobani flip yogurt is my jam.

-  when you notice that someone is doing a great job, say so! my office manager has been training me on all the ins and outs of my job, and i cannot tell you how good it feels to know that i am genuinely making progress at my new job. call people out on their awesomeness.

-  tyler has officially passed on his obsession with socks to milo. at one point this month, there were as many as seventeen socks on our living room floor.

-  best superbowl commercial:  weiner dogs wearing hotdog costumes.

-  after take a step back from blogging last year, i see now where some of my priorities were in relation to social media/blogging. i blogged about what other people were blogging. i bought what other popular bloggers were buying. i dressed like fashion bloggers. i was a copycat; a literal follower of the accounts i would give hearts and likes. where was my originality? where did amber go? i see it in so many bloggers right now - trying so hard to be relevant, but stuck in this cycle of replicating another's ideas. it's exhausting, amen? i refuse to live like everyone else. there is nothing wrong with inspiration; it's when it becomes imitation that i find it to be a slippery slope.


continue to document everyday life in my bu-jo planner.  this goal is easy-peasy. i have made it a habit, so it's part of my everyday routine now. (now if i could just do that with exercise!)

work on powersheets for february.  done.

read two books.  hallelujah, i did it! i read "wildflower" by drew barrymore + "the selection" by kiera cass.

scripture study + Jesus time.  i wish i could say yes. i wish i could tell you how good it was to finally get back into the Word. i only opened my bible twice. BUT. over the weekend, we had prayer at church and something shifted deep down inside me.

continue my photo-a-day project.  after some thought, i have decided to tackle this goal another year. my new job kinda put a damper on this project, but i'm definitely not complaining. this job was a huge blessing - one that i don't take for granted in the least. now that i have freed myself from the guilt and shame of falling behind on this project, i can aim my focus at things that matter. (like possible selling my art?)

celebrate leap day.  i got a latte. good enough for me :)

journal through kenzie's prompts.  nah. maybe another month.


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