2024: FEB 19 - FEB 25


+ i had the day off on monday. i sipped coffee + had a slow morning, followed by a short shopping trip. we had sushi for lunch + then spent the evening trying to find a new refrigerator because ours just randomly quit. it was a good day, other than the large appliance expense, lol. 

+  i bought this free people dupe of the sweatshirt i have been eyeing. it was $70 cheaper! 

+  i started posting silly little tiktoks this week. there are a couple reasons for this, but i am hoping this becomes a fun side quest and nothing more.

+  i have been eyeing these shoes for a couple weeks + bought them over the weekend. tell me why they are so fun?! 

+ this week was fake spring #3 + it was beautiful! ☀️


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