H A P P E N I N G S :  

+  my new position at work is so fun! but also, hard. i thought i was decent at excel, but i am not. 😂 

+  i celebrated valentine's day by grabbing a coffee during my lunch break with my boys. 💕

+  i made the cutest charm necklaces! it is such a fun (and expensive) hobby.

+  we cheered on + celebrated the chiefs' super bowl win with some of our favorite people! 

+  jared + i caught a matinee showing of madame web. i liked the movie + we shared a pepsi + it was a fun day together.

+ i continued my leap day tradition with a donut + iced coffee 🥤🍩


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i am in a reading rut right now because i did not finish a single book this month! this has not happened in years, but it’s okay. 

part of the reason is due to long wait times at the library, and also because i refuse to buy a book since i only read it once. i’m not a bookshelf girlie either, so that’s why my reading life is lacking at the moment. instead, we have been watching season 1 of reacher + we are now on season 4 of suits. (using vidangel, of course!) 

-  my new apple watch! ⌚️ 
-  celebrating valentine's day 💕
-  worshipping freely
-  celebrating leap day! 🍩

   O B S E R V A T I O N S   

+  you are what you consume. if you only consume snarky, unkind videos from women who try to be discernment vloggers on instagram, you, in turn, will develop those characteristics in your interactions with others. 

+  the Lord has been working in my heart + my mind over the last six months, regarding people pleasing. it has been hard work to face the sin + bad habits, but also -- so freeing! (someone recently made a comment about the outfit i was wearing. a year ago, it would have ruined my entire day + i would have never wore it again. when those careless words were hurled my way, they simply bounced off my stylish outfit. because what i have learned it that her unsolicited opinion of me is more reflective of her than it is of my jean jacket.) 


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