2024: FEB 12 - FEB 18


+  monday was a little rough, but so worth it. GO CHIEFS!! ❤️💛🏈

+  i have been using this face cream for about a month + it is so luxurious without feeling gross on my skin. this is a fun step in my nighttime routine. some other steps are:
- shower + get in cozy jammies 
- set out makeup + clothes for work
- watch an episode of suits 👔

+  this was the second full week of february + i have finished a total of ONE book so far this year. i blame our nighttime binge of suits + lack of excitement over books that have a long wait time at the library. 

+  on my wishlist: this free people sweaterthis free people sling bag. 😍

+  we went + saw madame web on saturday afternoon. (matinees > opening night, unless it's transformers 😉). the movie was decent, although the last minute was sooooo cheesy! but it was a fun experience.


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