#onedayHH // 2023

on wednesday, i shared my day on insta stories for the annual #onedayHH challenge. it was so fun! 

i enjoy this challenge for two reasons:
1. i love looking back on the day 
2. i like to reflect on changes, season of life, etc.

this year's challenge landed on a super busy day at work, so i wasn't able to be as creative as i wanted, but such is life + it was still fun to document my day.

favorite moments from the day:
•  the dinosaurs on the highway (see photo)
•  sharing the news of my job promotion
•  oneighty (our church youth group)
•  my friend surprising me with crumbl to celebrate my new job 

i am contemplating the idea of sharing my day once a month or once a quarter, but we shall see. 🖤


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