H A P P E N I N G S :  

+  jackson lost both of his front teeth! he looks soooo cute 🥰

+  my niece got married + jackson was the ring bearer. it was a fun evening with family.

+  the fall parade is one of my favorite traditions in our neighborhood. we bundled up with layers + coffee + lined the street to watch it. jackson got a lot of candy + i got a free t-shirt, which i will never turn down! LOL. 

+  it rained for a couple days + i love rainy days at work. 🌧

+  we had a fun halloween party with our church class. jared dressed up as a barista + won the costume contest! (what made it even better is we brought our espresso machine with us + he made everyone coffee.)

+  we did trick-or-treating for halloween. it’s my favorite day in our neighborhood! 🎃

+ i can finally share my exciting work news: i have been promoted to an accountant at work! i am so grateful + all glory goes to the Lord because He is faithful to provide. 

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-  none of this is true // 2.5 stars 
-  lessons in chemistry // 1.5 stars  

i DNF'd pineapple street because it was a snooze fest + because i don't need to know the author's political views. the three books that i was excited to read over the summer were all duds. but oh well! i was looking over my list of books from this year + i read some great ones. 

  T H E  G O O D  L I S T :      
our church  •  the Gospel  •   the fall parade in our neighborhood 🍁 •  chilly autumn mornings  •   halloween in our neighborhood 🎃

  L E S S O N S  +  O B S E R V A T I O N S :  

+  i have keenly observed a small characteristic of those in the deconstruction camp: they are always speaking about their lives as a "struggle" or "hard" or "chaos" or "difficult". i tend to think this is not because of actual hard things in their lives, but more of a result of their redefining of Truth. a "faith" void of accountability, biblical truths, + the church is nothing more than faith in self. 

+  when the kansas weather put a damper on our church class party in the park, jared + i opened our home up at the last minute. what i thought was just a reprieve from the wind was actually a beautiful display + beauty of the bride of Christ. i held back tears as our home was filled with people (some in literal lawn chairs because there were fourteen people in our small home) because a year ago, this would not have happened. we wouldn't have even gone to the party. we were content with always skipping events, but this year has been a year of saying yes to most church functions. as an introvert, i can say that it's worth it to put yourself out there. to be around like-minded believers + develop relationships.  

+  we truly never know what others are going through; what we perceive is not always (actually, rarely) the truth.

+  if you want to elevate the vibes while hanging out, turn on a youtube video to set the mood! when jackson is drawing or playing his switch, he + i will watch this snowfall video or this fireplace video. it elevates the experience in such a positive way! if you are a reader like me, play a cozy video with a book in one hand, a cup of coffee in the other - you will swoon with delight! 

+  'tis the season for christians to argue online about 2nd + 3rd tier doctrine issues. (halloween, santa, etc.) 🙄 

+  i have previously mentioned my complicated feelings for all things pop culture. but i have to rave about the beckham documentary on netflix. my knowledge of the beckhams really only consisted of my love of the spice girls in my tween years. i was so surprised to learn how the entire country of england hated david for a long period of time . . . over soccer. but i also learned just how passionate that region is about the game of soccer. overall, it was an interesting watch. 


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