1.  you've heard of wordle, but have you heard of thywordle? before you roll your eyes, hear me out! it is really challenging. i cannot do it while at work or out + about; i have to be at home, on my laptop, with full focus. the premise is just like wordle, but you are essentially figuring out bible verses. it even gives you each verse you guess, so you're getting snippet of the bible. it's so fun! 📖

2.  i read tj newman's newest bookdrowning, and eeeeekkkkk! it will be in my top 5 of the year, for sure. her first book - falling - was also in my top 5 favorites from last year, so i had high expectations. tj is a former flight attendant, so it just adds a fun element to her novels. i also just found out her first book is being made into a movie, and i am excited to see it on the big screen! 📚

3.  there is also another online game i added to my daily queue: connections. you are given 16 tiles and 4 groups of 4 tiles are related. i thought it would be so easy, but there are several times i have lost. 🟪

4.  i published my june newsletter + it may be my favorite newsletter to date. i share the story of how i realized the significance of flowers in my life have been anything but random. 🌸


•  all that's good - hannah anderson 
•  american gauntlet - allie lewis
•  the screwtape letters - c.s. lewis

•  growing floret on hbo max

•  current favs playlist 🎶


•  summer thunderstorms
•  friday evening coffee 
•  flowers at our local park
•  browsing autumn pinterest board
•  using GIFs at work


  • •  on an 'articles club'. "we live out the idea that what we have in common matters so much more than what divides us. i can't tell you what a haven this feels like in a sometimes-cruel world that loves to point fingers + keep score." - emily thomas, seven years of articles club

  • •  on content vs art + staying on instagram.  "i hope + pray i have been a reflector of Light on the internet. sometimes i wonder if that alone is a reason to stay. after all, light provides warmth, vision, + hope. then again, sometimes light shows a way out." - ashlee gadd, the tension.

  • •  june 2023 - recap of last month on the blog.

    •  my weekly inspo pinterest board is such a vibe.

    •  i used a creative writing prompt to share about the quiet in my life.


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