JULY 2023


  H A P P E N I N G S :  

+  a family friend put on a huge fireworks show in our neighborhood for the fourth of july. it was incredible! we ate good food + dessert + had a great time with family + friends. (jared worked the fireworks tent for our church's youth group, so i made the best of it while solo parenting.)

+  i started playing two new games: thywordle + connections

+  the boys + i visited the new scheels at towne east. i could have easily spent two hours just browsing. (their home section had some fall decor out, and it got me so excited! don't judge. it was 100º outside that day.) 

+  i finished my study on romans + moved to the first + second books of corinthians. 

+  "what's booyah booyah baby?" - jackson, as we drive by buy buy baby. 😂 he is at the stage where he is reading everything, and i love it so much! 

+  while jared was out of town one weekend, jackie + i had a fun mommy/son day. we bought all of our favorite snacks + drinks + watch the new mario movie. it was so fun! 

+  several 100º days. i had to keep reminding myself that at least it wasn't snowing 😂

+ i have hundreds of photos of on my phone of various flowers i have encountered in my everyday life, so i am sharing them on the blog’s insta

  B O O K S :  
-  every woman a theologian - 4.5 stars
-  all that's good - 5 stars
-  the only one left - 4.5 stars 
the only book i DNF'd this month was part of your world. it just wasn't for me. 

book i am currently reading:  american gauntlet. this was touted as a clean book + I AM LOVING IT. no cursing + no smut (which is just porn for women). if you have ever watched MTV's real world/road rules challenges, this is basically that, but in book form. the main character is also not insufferable, so that's a plus, too.  

  T H E  G O O D  L I S T :      
fireworks  🎆  •  free sonic drinks at works  •  kindle unlimited  •  evening thunderstorms ⛈  •  free food at work  •  sanctification  •  chick-fil-a's cookie's + cream milkshake  •  sunflowers in the garden 🌻  •  friday evening coffee 

  L E S S O N S  +  O B S E R V A T I O N S :  

+  i love a stormy day at work. ⛈️

+  wordle, but make it about bible verses + you have thywordle.  

+  our local park had dozens of flowers planted, and if this is where our tax dollars are going, i'm not mad about it! 🌺

+  i would rather be known for my grace offered to others with differing opinions than my own verses being known for having strong opinions. 

+  my biggest advice for new moms is: raise kids you want to be around

+  i started asking the Lord to give me a few people to pray for during the week + it has been the best practice. i keep the list in my hobonichi + pray for them throughout the day. 

+ seek Him, not just His gifts. seek Him, not just the healing. seek Him. SEEK HIM. 


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