JUNE 2023


  H A P P E N I N G S :  

+  i was reunited with optimus prime + bumblebee on the big screen. did i take the day off work just to see the matinee? yes, yes i did. 🤖

+  we soaked in these summer-like days with trips to the zoo + botanica + lots of swimming.

+  my BIL got married + we ate crumbl cookies + came home to the tornado sirens going off. it was an eventful saturday evening! 

+  while my BIL was on his honeymoon, the boys + i spent the night at his lake house a few nights. it was like we were on a mini vacay.

+  jackson turned six years old!

+  i helped out at our church's fireworks tents a couple nights. it was hot, but actually fun.

  B O O K S :  
-  ward d - 4 stars
-  the ex - 3 stars
-  drowning - 5 stars!

i inadvertently began working my way through frieda mcfadden's previous catalog. she is very good at writing psychological suspense novels. the writing in her early work is borderline cringy, but she has improved SO much! bonus: most of her novels are free to read through kindle unlimited. 📚

i also had to DNF what is sure to be one of the most popular books of the year: fourth wing. the language + f-bombs were just too much + completely unnecessary to the storyline. i'm not naive to bad language in the world - unfortunately i am around it in settings i cannot control - but i will never understand the appeal of dropping curse words like they're candy at a parade. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  T H E  G O O D  L I S T :      
•  watching an intense storm roll in from my cubicle  •  cold brew  •  fireworks  •  summertime  •  celebrating our boy ✨  • lemonade  •  the green juice from home grown  •  summer blooms 🌺    

  L E S S O N S  +  O B S E R V A T I O N S :  

+  “the coldest winter is an office summer.” - a tiktok comment that i felt deep in my chilled bones.

+  "holiness, for legalists, was never a heart response to a loving + merciful God; it was a fear response to people + a God they never really knew." [phylicia masonheimer]  //  i am loving how phy has been correlating legalism and parenting. she has such a gift of teaching + presenting topics in a grace-filled but sound way. 

+  i am thankful for a calm + clean home.

+  i can eat my weight in cream cheese mints. they are just TOO GOOD.


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