four quick things

hi, hello.

after blogging every day in may, i took an unintentional break. i'm probably not bringing back the weekly musings for a bit, but here's a short + sweet round up of my fav things as of late.

four quick things 🌺

1.  my BIL had a dozen different sparkling lemonades at his wedding + they were the epitome of summer. the cucumber mint was my absolute fav. the elderflower lemonade + lavender lemonade were delish as well. πŸ‹

2.  i have tried so many self tanners over the years. i had been using tanologist for years, but recently found this b.tan self tan gel. (thanks, tiktok!) i may never use another self tanner again! this stuff is not sticky AT ALL. it dries quickly + doesn't have a strong scent. ☀️

3.  i am currently studying the book of romans. πŸ“–

4.  my current hyper fixation lunch is a sandwich, lol. but not just any sandwich, it’s a bougie one. take turkey lunch meat, tomatoes, + lettuce: dice those up. (yes, even the meat!) then take a croissant (i buy the ones in the bakery section) and cut it open. dress it up to your liking; i use mustard + swiss cheese. add your diced mixture. it is a little messy, but it is SO GOOD. the buttery croissant with the diced fillings is just perfection. πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

currently reading, watching, listening* 🎧

drowning by tj newman 

quotable πŸ’¬

“if You hide me in Your shadow, what i thought i wanted now fades away. You unravel me 'til You become the only One i love.

— tiffany hudson, hidden here

summer fun list ☀️

-  make homemade lemonade
-  soak in the sun by the pool
-  make homemade dole whip
-  visit the local gardens 

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