i woke up on tuesday to a flat tire.
the bright side: i worked from home. 🏡

even after eight years of living in wichita, i still can't get over two things: 
1.  how many people say "are-kansas" instead of arkansas.
2.  the geese! they have no cares, especially when waddling across the street during everyone's morning commute.

"what if we stopped viewing creativity as something that takes away from our families and viewed it as something that breathes life into our families instead - through the meals we make, the pictures we take, the homes we decorate, the music we play, the stories we write, the gardens we grow?"
create anyway, ashlee gadd 📚

jackson needed extra mommy time this week, so we curled up underneath his loft bed + watched dude perfect on youtube. it has turned into a daily activity for us. 

it was quite chilly on saturday, but i really needed to see some spring blooms, so we stopped by  botanica for a short visit. even though i was cold, my heart was so happy to see beautiful blooms. 🌸


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