march 2023 goals

and just like that - another month has come + gone. i don't say this very often, but i am glad to bid farewell to february 2023. it was a hard + difficult month. we faced some spiritual warfare in our lives, and i felt like i have been in a battle. (because i have!) i am limping my way into march, looking ahead with Hope.

because in the midst of all that conflict, our King was always present. every tear shed + every battle against us + every struggle we had was met by the Lord. and for that, i am grateful. His grace + power + protection are the only reason i can walk into a new month with Hope + joy in the midst of such suffering. 

🗓  on the calendar this month:
-  celebrate our eighth anniversary! 👰🏼‍♀️
-  homeschool st. patty's day party at church  
-  trip to oklahoma to help mom with tax season
-  ashlee gadd's new book, create anyway (28th)

✨  what i'm loving right now:
•  homemade maple cortados
•  my currently playlist
•  the spring-like weather

  revisiting my february goals-  
-  read three books. done!   
-  daily prayer + scripture study.  started studying in first john this month. 
-  celebrate valentine's day. i had to work that day, and then when i got home, jackson came down with a fever. it was a chill night with my boys + despite the circumstances, i ended the day with a grateful heart. 
-  file income tax. done. (thanks, mama!) 
-  publish february recap on the blog. here   
-  journal each day in bujo.  yes!
-  memorize one verse of scripture each week. okay, about this goal. 😆 it's a great one. but dang it, i fell behind in mid-february. i'm not going to let this be a big deal, but instead i have committed to being focused on a scripture each week.  
-  publish february newsletter
-  march powersheets prep.  

  march goals / tasks-  
•  celebrate eight years of marriage 💕   
•  journal each day in my hobonichi
•  spring declutter (6 areas of our home) 🏡
•  publish march recap on the blog
•  read 3 books 📚
•  april powersheets prep
•  publish the march newsletter 💚 


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