one of my favorite moments of the week: while i sipped a maple latte + read my bible, snow fell heavily for about thirty minutes. it was so beautiful + it all felt so dreamy.

i finished 100 thing we've lost to the internet. 4 stars. this was a fun walk down memory lane. 📚

"prayer doesn't work", 
say the people who pray with eyes closed, get up from their knees, + never open their eyes again.  [phylicia masonheimer]

i forgot to wear green on st. patrick's day. oops! [i did text my dad to make sure he wore green, as usual] 🍀

i have slowly been reading through the spring collection on coffee + crumbs. it is so good for the soul. my favorite so far are:

we spent saturday evening hanging out with our neighbors, playing rummikub + sipping coffee. these low-key nights are always a favorite. 

 "you desperately want all the right tools because you want to mother “the right way.” but motherhood is messy, and raw, and nuanced, and requires things a baby registry could never provide: surrender, and trust, and dependence on the Lord Almighty to fuel you with grace, with perseverance, with steadfast love, with a sacrificial willingness to get up the next morning with your eyes half shut and do it all over again. that is what you need to mother. 
and they don’t sell it at babies r us.
ashlee gadd, create anyway
(this book comes out in a week + it will be in my top 5 of the year for sure!)


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