weekly musings: nov 28 - dec 4


+  i had a rough week. jackson was very sick, and jared got sick over the weekend. work was . . . stressful beyond words. but this is what i know to be true: my God is good. not because it's a cute phrase to say, but because He knows no other way to be. He is good. jehovah rapha

+  my spotify recap for 2022 was not an accurate reflection of my favorite songs. yes, there are some songs i listened to over + over, but then there are the songs that changed me + brought about worship in a deep way:
-  "praise Him forever" - jervis campbell
-  "reason to praise" - bethel (more specifically when naomi sings that first bridge - it gets me every single time!)
-  "make room" - meredith andrews + chris mcclarney (only the bridge. it is my biggest prayer.)


+  i started working on my yearly recap posts, and it has me all in my feels. through all the ups + downs this year has brought, i see how faithful the Lord has been. His provision + grace + hope have sustained us in ways that are hard to describe.

+  odd things to be thankful for after a hard week:
-  jackson knows how to vomit in a bowl, as opposed to all over everything.
-  after passively ignoring bad behavior, it was time to speak up for myself + others.
-  we had to miss my work's gala, so we saved money.


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