what they say vs what i hear

when they say, "babies who were birthed naturally are XYZ compared to babies who were born via c-section."  
i hear, "my child is smarter + better than yours."

when they say, "are you all okay?
i hear, "how can you be okay with your husband being home while you work?"

when they say, "i cannot imagine going through five miscarriages.
i hear, "i'm glad i never had to experience that."

(actually, someone did say that to me once. yes. really.)

when they say, "wow, you are so pale.
i hear, "wow, you so pale, i cannot even see because i am so blinded by your paleness, how are you so pale?!"

when they say, "why are you so quiet?
i hear, "why are you not talking a lot like me? am i talking a lot? you need to talk more so i don't look like a blubbering idiot."

when they say, "you are so creative!
i hear, "you are not creative, i'm just being nice."


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