weekly musings: oct 24 - oct 30


+  am i squandering my freedom on selfish desires or am i using my freedom to serve in love? [galatians 5:13]

+  i am a firm believer that if one is not content in current circumstances, you will not be content in your desired circumstances.

+  jared + i watched the new black adam movie. it was fine, lol. for me, it was more about the experience of going to the movies this time than it was the actual movie.

+  i celebrated four years at my job this week! 

+  my neighbor + i had a baking day, and i made these cheesecake swirled pumpkin bars.

+  books finished this week:
•  upgrade - blake crouch. i'd initially gave this book five stars, but downgraded it to four. the end gave me complicated feelings that i didn't quite nail down until a few days after i finished the book.
•  the it girl - ruth ware.  this was a fine book, but good grief - it was TOOOO LOOOONNNGGG. the story would have been more compelling had it cut out a quarter of unnecessary words. the best way to describe this book is a slow burn with thrilling sequences woven throughout. 
•  i'm glad my mom died - jennette mccurdy.  WOW. just, wow. i thought the title was maybe a type of metaphor, but wow. i had no prior knowledge of who jennette was outside of knowing she was on some tv show. this was kind of a heartbreaking read. tales of abuse - physical + emotional + psychological - at the hand of the person who is supposed to care + nurture + protect you. this book alone is enough to prove child actors need more protection.
•  encyclopedia of an ordinary life.  i hugged this book when i finished the last word. what a delightful read! amy krouse rosenthal's writing is so inspiring. it's true art. after i finished her first book earlier this year, i couldn't google her fast enough. i was heartbroken to read of her death several years ago. her art is the kind that will stick with me for days, weeks, months, + years.


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