weekly musings: sept 19 - sept 25


+  i beat my record by 1 second and got the mini NYT crossword in 46 seconds!

+  i finished the book, rookie mistakes. kelly's writing style is good. while there are some parts that made me roll my eyes, her 90s/00s pop culture references were top notch!

+  i also finished inheritance. if you love the american royals series, this is a prequel novella that is super short + sweet.

+  and the final book i read that week was that weekend. i randomly found this on my kindle, and it is by the same author who wrote this 5-star read from last christmas, so i gave it a whirl. what a crazy book. the twist at the end was crazy, but i was also like eh? i gave it 4 stars because it was entertaining nonetheless.

+  it still makes me chuckle when i see articles like this quoting my tweets about khloe kardashian from 2018. it was such a random tweet; i never expected her to respond. i may have a lot of feelings about the kardashian family, but i will always respect a mom who opens up about subjects that are taboo.

+  i bought this candle at target + it smells soooo good! it has the crackling wood wick, too.

+  jackson + i went on a mommy/son date. we stopped by the coffee shop + then walked around target. i love these little moments with my boy.

+  "hope is not just mere, even if it is meager." rings of power (LOTR tv show that i am actually loving!)

+  we camped in a tent in our backyard on saturday night. i may have needed a nap + ibuprofen the next day, but at least jackson had fun!




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