month in review // september 2022

  H A P P E N I N G S -  

+  the month greeted us with sickness, just like the previous month. praise the Lord, we are all healed up + feeling better.

+  several nights this month, we ventured out to a local lake so the boys could fish. i sat at the table + read a book, journaled, worked a crossword, + sipped an iced chai. it was delightful.

+  we went apple picking.

+  jackson + i went on a mommy/son date. we stopped by the coffee shop + then walked around target. i love these little moments with my boy.

+  we camped in the backyard on a chilly saturday night. it was a lot of fun + we plan to camp more in the future.

+   i shared my word for Q4.

 L E S S O N S  +  O B S E R V A T I O N S - 

+  in my early days as a believer, i used to be afraid to ask the Lord for deeper faith. i thought it would give Him the green light to make something bad happen or bring suffering. (oh baby christian amber, lol) now, as i have matured in my faith, i see that a deepened faith does not just require hardships; it is also built in the everyday living: how we treat strangers, raising our children, marriage, loving those who are struggling.   

+  "hope is not just mere, even if it is meager." rings of power

+  i am a much happier person when it is 70° - 80°. 😂


1.  a crossword book.  it's a simply joy that also stretches my brain. 📖

2.  evenings at the lake.  while the boys fish, i read + journal + do all the creative things. it is so delightful! ✨

3.  nora goes off script.  i am not a rom-com book girlie. i find them cheesy + predictable + these days, they are filled with borderline pornographic sex scenes. but i had several people rave about this book, so i gave it a try. i am SO glad i did! what a cute book. one of my favorites of the year. 📚 [affiliate link] 


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