around the internet // vol. 1

+  ashlee gadd wrote an essay about how instagram is broken, and it is exactly what a lot of creatives have been feeling in regards to the app + its ridiculous changes as of late.

+  if you have a random craving for brownies, i made these recently. they were delish! 

+  i discovered notion a few weeks ago. it is basically a place to make a bunch of lists, so it's amazing to me!

+  discovery+ is offering a promo right now where you get the first two months for $.99/mo. i immediately signed up,  and let me tell you - we love the magnolia network. jo's cooking show is our favorite, followed by no demo reno

+  i have raved about ibotta before, but it's because it's so easy to get a little cash back every few months. here is a link where you get $10 + i get $10! it is an easy way to earn a little extra moolah.

+  this post on gentle parenting is so, so good! i have seen the fruitless results of this method, and i am glad someone is bringing it to light. 

+  i recently discovered architectural design has a youtube channel with celebrity home tours. obsessed. (but i pray for most of them because whyyyyyy do they all have so many crystals in their homes?!)


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