what i want to remember: JULY 18 - JULY 24


+  whether it be social media, healthy eating, exercising, etc. - if it becomes something we cannot live without, it is an idol.

+  when jackson leaves to go play with his friends, he always says, "love you". it makes me smile every single time.

+  i downloaded discovery+ (mostly for the magnolia network, lolz) and jackson + i have loved watching magnolia table together!

+  to combat the inferno outside, we ventured out to get an iced coffee + then roamed the fall decor aisles at hobby lobby + home goods. it was delightful, even thought it was 105º outside. 

+  another way we combat the summer heat is swimming in the evening. our neighborhood block (who are also family) all get together + the kids play + we all swim. it is something i don’t take for granted one bit. 


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