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-  cookies for santa
-  i made a lot of tater tot casseroles this month 
-  toasted white chocolate mocha latte
-  homemade chai lattes

-  cheese-its 
-  white chocolate popcorn 
-  indoor s'mores    

-  "the unraveling of cassidy holmes" - elissa r. sloan
-  "all things reconsidered" - knox mccoy
-  S.W.A.T.
-  wonder woman 2

making me happy:   our new lava lamp • cuddling with luna • twinkling lights on the christmas tree • winter sunrises + sunsets • the quiet of the morning before the day starts • pacifica lip balms • watercolors •  true crime podcasts     

  H A P P E N I N G S  

-  jared + i started a weekly scrabble date night. it is lovely, even though he has beat me twice.

-  i met a friend for lunch + ended up staying at the restaurant for four hours. it was so delightful!

-  we ate mexican food + drove around to look at christmas lights. 

-  this christmas was one of my favorites. we spent time as a family + with both sides of our families.

-  after over a month of working from home, i went back to work + it felt SO weird! i definitely had to readjust.

- lots of board + card games were played. 

-  i finished studying the book of jude. now i'm in the book of titus. 

  R E A L I Z A T I O N S  

-  i have adapted a little motto: properly plan + adjust accordingly. basically reminding myself that planning is good + keeps me sane, but keep it fluid. 

-  i have not used a straightener on my hair since march. just some dry shampoo + a quick blow dry to get the kinks out + i'm good to go. never thought i would stop using a flat iron!

-  i realized how much the enemy had a hold of my thoughts this month. like- it was crazy. i have resolved that when think about a particular person or situation, i will just pray for them. it was sucking the life out of me + i didn't even know it. 


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