20 lessons + 20 happenings in 2020

  L E S S O N S  

-  waking up early to start my day in scripture is the single best habit i created this year. it is the best part of my day. 

-  it's okay to change your mind.

-  cotton ovals > cotton balls

-  lead with gentleness. nothing is ever received from a sarcastic/judgemental/scoffing heart.

-  parchment paper is such an underrated kitchen necessity.

-  i stopped using a straightener on my hair this year. i just spray a little dry shampoo + run the blow dryer over it + i'm done.

-  another underrated kitchen necessity is a meat thermometer. 

-  it's okay to plan + and prepare, but be fluid.

-  the internet does not need to know our opinion on every single topic.

-  sometimes it's not about the thing God is asking us to do, but rather obedience to Him.

-  discontentment is like a bitter root- sucking like from the good parts of our life. it robs us of our joy + Him of His glory.

-  tidying up 30 minutes at the end of the day is always a good idea.

-  something shifted in the way i view different ideologies of others. i have more empathy + a willingness to listen. 

-  pray for them instead of obsessing over their faults.

-  bullet journaling > planners

-  cookie scoops are not necessarily a necessity, but they are a little luxury.

-  fake nose rings > real nose piercings

-  anything that pushes me to the feet of Jesus is a blessing.

-  we are made for community. even in our differences, we are better together.

-  there are better things i can hold in my hands than my phone. 

  H A P P E N I N G S  

-  jackson turned three.

-  i started working in downtown ICT. 

-  we got our luna girl! she is loving + playful + keeps us laughing.

-  i kayaked down the river for the first time.

-   we lost our fifth baby (fourth miscarriage). 

-  jared built me a greenhouse. he also remodeled the back room + made a patio.

-  i got to work from home twice.

-  we took a trip to colorado springs.

-  i read 30 books.

-  lots of puzzles were worked + lots of board/card games were played.

-  jared + i voted in the election.

-  wichita collective grew a lot! 

-  we camped so much in the spring when i worked from home + jared was furloughed. 

-  my grandma went to be with Jesus. 

-  jackson started preschool + loves it!

-  we became plant people. 

-  the chiefs won the super bowl + the sooners won the cotton bowl! 

-  jared + i celebrated five years of marriage.

-  jackson caught his first fish.

-  we ate a lot of great food + drank a lot of great coffee. 


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