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what better way to start the year than chopping off six inches + going brunette? 

i love fresh starts. normally i would have all my goals set for the new year by january first, plus a word for the year, a blank planner begging to be filled, + dreaming of all the things i want to do over the next 365 days. 

i woke up on the first day of the year without even a thought of what goals i wanted to set for 2021. no word for the year, no ideas, + certainly not a new planner. instead- i began the year with a different approach: prayerfully plan, slowly. over the last five days, ideas have started to take shape. i don't have lofty goals or big plans. that's okay. it's not a contest. no one wins a prize for best goals. some ideas i have are:

-  infuse my daily life with scripture + prayer.  i started this last year, and it changed my days.

-  create every day.  it doesn't have to be anything specific. write. take photos. blog. paint. just create. 

-  read 25 books.  maybe i'll branch out to a graphic novel. or maybe i'll keep reading alllll the thrillers.

-  keep a remnants journal.  i did this last year + it was so fun! 

i don't necessarily have a word for the year. my brain works better in quarters. (blame the accountant in me!) 
my word for this first quarter is CREATE. i want to look for God in the details + give Him the glory with my art. 
"if He can use anything, He can use me."


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