-  homemade chai lattes
-  iced cold brew w/homemade cold foam  

-  yellow bell pepper w/cream cheese + TJs chile lime seasoning
-  perfect bar peanut butter cups     

-  "the silent patient" - alex michaelides  
-  "nine perfect strangers" - liane moriarty 
-  the winter issue of "the magnolia journal
-  "held" by abbey wedgeworth 
-  "what kind of woman" - kate baer          

- oceans 11, 12, + 13
- S.W.A.T.

making me happy:  our christmas tree • these mildliner highlighters • faux candles • chick-fil-a • poetry     

  H A P P E N I N G S  

-  i worked from home the entire month. it was so, so nice. 

-  jared needed a project when he was off work, so he completely re-did our extra room. it's not really a bedroom, but more of a sitting room or second living space. we both needed a place to go and pray or read or just chill. i go back there and read my bible + drink coffee each morning. there is a peace in that space.

-  we also bought a new desk + chair for a small office nook. it is a dream! i was so giddy at the office supply store, and i have enjoyed having a space to write + get creative.

-  jackson was "star of the week" in his preschool class. i was so proud of him. he has thrived with school, and it is an answered prayer.

-  jared taught me how to play dominion. i am surprised by how much i enjoy it! 

-  even with all of the joyous moments, the ER bill from our miscarriage came in the mail. two grand. jackson asks me weekly, "mommy, are you still sad about the baby?" when i tell him yes, he says, "me, too." the Lord is my peace through all of this.

-  thanksgiving looked a little different this year. my SIL + i made a small meal for our families. i made homemade mashed potatoes for the first time ever. [i know.] they were good! i also made the dish that i'm required to bring to every family function: strawberry pretzel salad. it's in my top five favorite desserts for sure. 

-  i studied through the book of colossians. next up is philemon. what i find so interesting about scripture (and why i love studying it so much!) is that it's all connected. as i read through colossians, i realized the importance of the book of philemon + why paul wrote the letter. God's Word is so cool + i will never take it for granted.

  R E A L I Z A T I O N S  

-  declaring Truth is not apathetic. 

-  it's okay to change you mind. i have different feelings about COVID than i did at the beginning of the month. i have different opinions on lots of things than i did at the beginning of the year, actually. it's not a bad thing to change your mind.

-  homemade mashed potatoes are not hard. what else have i not cooked because i have deemed it "hard"?


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