BEST OF 2019.

BEST ADVENTURE/TRAVEL/TRIP:  our weekend trip to branson. we went with my sister-in-law + her family, and it was my first time visiting. i think the best part was the last-minute decision to take jackson with us. [no joke- thirty minutes before we were slated to leave, i told jared that i was having doubts about leaving him behind + jared agreed.] we had so much fun!

BEST BOOK:  recursion by blake crouch. that book took me on A RIDE. [a couple of honorable mentions would definitely be the mother-in-law + ask again, yes.]

BEST MOVIE:  avengers: end game. so epic.

BEST ALBUM OR SONG:  fill this place by red rocks worship (song) + basically anything by elevation worship.

BEST PODCAST:  it is absolutely impossible for me to pick just one. i listen to multiple podcasts weekly, but if i had  to choose one, i'd choose these five, LOL: what should i read next?, the popcast, coffee + crumbstoday by the way, + crime junkie. (i also liked the dropout, but it was a short series as opposed to a weekly show.)

BEST FOLLOW ON INSTAGRAM:  phylicia masonheimer. she has taught me so much about discernment, theology, faith, + knowing what you believe. she calls out teachings that don't line up with scripture in a way that is concise + backed with biblical truth.

BEST DATE:  in mid-december, jared + i ate at bella luna. we both ordered the chicken schwarma, and it was so good. we had uninterrupted conversation + laughed. it was so wonderful. and then we shopped at target afterwards for all of jackson's christmas presents. we sipped coffee + strolled through each aisle + i loved every minute.

BEST KIDDO MILESTONE:  jackson's vocabulary has exploded. we started the year with all the basic words- mama, dada, etc. and now, we have full conversations with him. it simultaneously blows my mind + makes me want to cry. my baby boy is becoming a big boy, and i always say that he's teaching me just as much as i'm teaching him.

BEST FAITH GROWER:  having a third miscarriage. we all have moments in our lives that we can point to as pivotal moments, and that was one of mine. i am not the same person i was before april 18th, 2019. and i can confidently say because of the Lord + Him alone, it's a good thing. it's a God thing. as i surveyed my life after that day, it was like looking at scorched earth. but He came in + made it new. and He's continuing to do so. i still have questions + doubts + hurts, but i know i can take it all to Him. nothing is too much for Him.

BEST TREND YOU TRIED:  impress press-on nails. i can have a chip-free manicure for a week!

BEST BEAUTY PURCHASE:  this dry shampoo.

BEST FAMILY MEMORY:  halloween night + jackson's first camping trip in our new camper + our family coffee dates

BEST HABIT YOU CREATED:  posting a recap of my week on the blog. i started on my birthday week + have been consistent, minus a couple weeks. it's fun to have these moments in a space for me to reflect back on.

FAVORITE BLOG POST WRITTEN:  the scars we carry. i have been open about my struggles with jackson's birth, and this post shows how the Lord can heal even our deepest wounds.

BEST NEW RECIPE:  sweet potatoes with bbq chicken.

BEST LIFE OR MOM HACK:  grocery pick up. whoever had the idea should win a nobel peace prize.

BEST MAMA MOMENT:  there are too many to list. when he reaches up to hold my hand. his excitement when we go to the "toppee top" (coffee shop). halloween. and then there was the day in early spring when jackson had a very high fever + spent most of the day curled up on me. i never, ever want him to be sick, but he slept all day on my chest + i watched tv + sipped coffee + it was nice.

BEST HOME IMPROVEMENT:  jared built this beautiful pergola + we have made so many memories.

BEST LITTLE LUXURY YOU'VE ENJOYED:  slow saturday mornings. i'm probably supposed to say a face mask or chocolate, but honestly- having a time to just relax with zero plans is good for my soul. jackson usually sleeps in + then i sip coffee while he plays for awhile. i will write or start some laundry or just chill.

this idea came from em for marvelous. i thought it was a fun way to highlight some of my favorite things from 2019. 
also- there are affiliate links throughout the post. no cost to you; just pennies in my pocket. [that takes me years to accumulate. LOL.]


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