light + family fun

-  i listened to this episode of the risen motherhood podcast, and i'm not trying to be dramatic, but it changed me. when betsy talked about how Jesus, his His glorified body, didn't get rid of His scars, the darkness that has clouded over me regarding my c-section lifted. the Light poured in, and i can see how the Lord is working in my life + my heart.

- i had the day off on monday. jackson + i spent the day together, and it was wonderful. when jared got home, we made a fire in the backyard. we all sat together on the swing + talked + watched the sunset. definitely a much needed day off.

-  what started as typing out a short instagram caption turned into a blog post about motherhood.

-  my parents + brother came up for the day on saturday, so we took them to the zoo. we all had so much fun!

-  remember back in the blogging days when people would post their monthly goals? i came across some of my old posts this week, and it made me chuckle a little.

-  jackson randomly started singing "Jesus loves me" one night, and it slayed me.


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