we are insane, part deux.

remember when we decided to sell our house when jackson was just days old?
well... we are insane - again.

over the weekend, we packed up our house and moved in with my sister-in-law + her family. again.

long story short- a house has become available in an area of wichita [maize] that we have always wanted to live. and even better? it's on the same block as my sister-in-law's house. [this means that moving will be a little easier!] the housing market it pretty good right now, but we went an extra step and moved out of our current home so that potential buyers can see it without all our stuff.

the house we will eventually buy currently has occupants, but they are expected to move out once they find a house. we took a gamble with moving out of our current house because a) what if it doesn't sell? and b) the tenants of the home we want to buy still haven't found a home. BUT. that's where faith comes in. we know that God can work things out for our good. He's proven that with jared's work situation this year. [and so many other times. i could list a million little ways He's provided + made a way in our lives lately!]

so the next few months will be filled with prayers + enjoying our time together. we are okay with however God works everything out. i want to soak in all my free time, even if it's just reading a book! i know every parent says this, but time is flying by. jackson turns ten months old this week. i'm already planning his first birthday party. it's fine. i'm fine


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