Monday, September 1, 2014

september goals.

last week, i shared how setting goals has become helpful and motivational. a lot of bloggers share their monthly goals, so here i am - following suit. the what-ifs are still trying to convince me that this is silly and no one really cares, but this quote is becoming more and more true for me: "the what-ifs and should-haves will eat your brain."

//  read two books.  on my to-read list for this month: women of the word & finish the screwtape letters.

//  participate in the blog-tember challenge.  bailey of love bailey jean is hosting a challenge to blog every day of september. this will definitely be a challenge in every sense of the word. but i know something good will come out of it.

//  prayer & bible study.  finish the current she reads truth study of hosea. maybe try to study some mornings before work.

//  continue to document daily happenings in my life journal.  this is my favorite thing to do at the end of the day.

//  catch up on writing pen pals.  oh mylanta, friends. if we are pen pals, i am SO sorry for the long absence of letters. i have been busy, but that is no excuse. i am making it a priority to write each of you this month!

//  clean out the closet & bedroom [again].  i feel suffocated by all the stuff i have accumulated. after looking over my finances of the last seven months, i had the sobering realization that just because i have the money doesn't mean i need to buy it. that way of thinking leads to discontentment because it's rooted in things, not Jesus.

//  catch up on my self-portrait project.  i will not even tell you how far behind i am. 

//  use the instax 210 camera more.  when i came across the photo above from last fall, i realized i haven't used that camera in months.

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