Friday, March 7, 2014


- i am loving the lipstick i'm wearing in this week's photo. it is very spring-ish and cheery and pretty.

- no one is more excited for the new transformers movie than me. when people say they are excited, i'm like honey, pleeease. no.

- there needs to be an audio book of the bible with morgan freeman as the narrator. i'd seriously buy that!

- i get to work on my taxes this weekend. [insert eye roll here.] i work at a tax office and still haven't filed! [insert another eye roll here.]

- i keep pinning to my spring pinterest board in hopes that oklahoma will get the memo.

- i started sponsoring my compassion kid two years ago today. i love that sweet girl so much!

- a lot of girls are starting on their summer tans via tanning beds. as much as i'd like to be tan, i'll stick with the sunless tanners.

- one of the clients at work brought milkshakes earlier this week - just because.

- i was watching the fourth HP movie when all of a sudden, there's edward cullen. i had no idea r-pats played cedric! i'm still mindblown.

- i'm longing for warm sunshine, spring flowers, chirping birds, spring flowers, exploring, and spring flowers.

- anger corrodes that in which it is carried.

- i have been so inspired lately. there are some fun, creative blog posts in the works.

- if i had a british accent, i'd never shut up.

- it rained this week, which means i got to tell my favorite joke over and over: it's raining cats and dogs out there. don't step in a poodle. ZING!

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