Tuesday, March 11, 2014

photography gear.


camera: canon rebel t2i.  //  this is what i like to call my 'big camera'. it is my first dslr, and it has been good to me. 
the lens on the camera is an 85mm f/1.8. the images this fixed lens produces are superb. and the bokeh is so dreamy.

macro lens: this is my favorite lens EVER. i can't put into words how awesome this lens is, so i will just show you HERE.
remote: in my opinion, this is a great investment. i use it for self-portraits.
kit lens: this lens came with the camera body (hence the name 'kit lens'.) i rarely use it anymore, but it is still a good lens for beginners.


 instax mini 90  //  this is the best instax mini camera out there right now. there are so many features, and it is not bulky like the others. 
(i have the instax mini 7s, but i am thinking of selling it because it cannot even compare to the 90.)

 instax 210   //  this camera produces wide format polaroids. it is a lot bigger than it seems, but it is fun to use.


 olloclip 3-in-1 lens  //  muku shuttr remote  //  iphone 5

iphone lens: i only use the macro side of this lens. again - instead of explaining it's awesomeness, i'll show you HERE.
iphone remote: i really like this little gadget. it hooks up via bluetooth and i can snap away. (i attach my iphone to a tripod.)
iphone: all my instagrams are shot with my iphone. i have been shooting with iphones for three years now. i don't know about the newer models, but the 5's camera is incredible. truth be told, i haven't used my dslr in over a month. can you blame me when i get shots like these?


software: for photos taken with the dslr, i edit with photoshop cs4
actionsflorabella collection  //  paint the moon  // my favorite action is this matte action from the coffeeshop blog. 
iphoneography/instagram: all photos are edited with the VSCOcam app.

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