Wednesday, March 26, 2014

tidbits of life.

- cowboy boots & daffodils. this picture is my favorite. everything about it - the mood, the boots, the location, the flowers - it represents me to a T. it was taken in one of my favorite places. i do a lot of thinking and praying and picture taking and worshiping in this spot. it's in the middle of a lot of junk, but that's the beauty of it all. there are random flowers growing in the midst of it all. there is a flowering quince bush that blooms so bright you can see it from the road. i love this place.   

- new bible & journal. i bought the esv journaling bible. i use it along with my nlt study bible. i am working though naptime diaries' lent journal.

- beauty goodies. i can't pass up 97-cent lipstick. or purple nail polish. or purple glitter nail polish.

- spring sighting. my heart could explode from excitement! the weather is supposed to be incredible this weekend, so i plan to spend every minute soaking up the sun and taking way too many pictures of flowers.

- burrito bowl. i tried chipotle for the first time last weekend, and now i know what heaven tastes like.

- rain, rain. i have a thing for photographing rain droplets.

- OJ & blogging. when i started blogging, i had no idea what i was doing. three years later, i still sometimes feel that way. if i could improve on one thing, it would be writing. i have all these thoughts and ideas in my head, but executing them into coherent words and sentences is often a difficult task. but that's how my photography was in the beginning. i look back at some of my work, and it's insane to see the journey from then to now. blogging has opened so many doors, and i'm excited to grow and learn and see where God takes me.

- my grandma's polaroid camera. i am hoping it still works so i can start dabbling in film photography.

- iced coffee. i may or may not have bought that glass because i thought it would be pretty with iced coffee or lemonade.

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