- this week's portrait was taken under my favorite tree on the property. i wrote a little bit about here on instagram. 

- when i watched the olympics as a kid, i danced around the living room, mimicking the figure skaters - in my roller skates. 

- i shared about redeeming love on lauren's' blog.

- "to wait on God is to see Him as the greatest solution to a problem." kelly needham

- i fell on ice a couple days ago. it was an epic fall, too. i am so thankful nothing was broken, but i am so sore.

- if a penguin chased me, it would be a dream come true.

- i wish i could buy a house and move all the youth group kids into a home filled with love & Jesus & respect & everything they don't get now.

- grammar tip of the week: the phrase 'i could care less' implies you can care less. it's 'i couldn't care less'.

- cake donuts are the bomb dot com.

- i have met my true nemesis in life: level 140 of candy crush.

- i have no shame in admitting that i bought myself tulips, lipstick, and a new book for valentine's day.

- i wish books had a rating system like movies do. this way, i won't waste five bucks on a disgusting, profanity-filled novel.

- i had dinner and watched the olympics with three of the most beautiful ladies. they have no idea how much i cherish their friendships.

- i have developed incredible friendships and found my voice through blogging. i love sharing my heart and life lessons and photography.


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