creating:  an art journal (inspiration from here)  //  fun and creative photos inspired by the OKDOTHIS app.
cooking: how about baking instead? baking:  the best oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.
drinking:  coffee. coffee. coffee.
snacking:  special k cracker chips  //  red hots.
reading:  cold tangerines by shauna niequist  //  darling magazine  //  march issue of people stylewatch
watching:  the olympics  //  the walking dead  //  law & order: svu.
wanting:  blog inspiration.
looking:  like i got into a brawl. my body is so bruised and sore from falling on the ice last week. thankfully no broken bones!
playing:  jamie grace's new album, ready to fly  //  as sure as the sun by ellie holcomb  //  "write Your story" - f. battistelli.
liking:  the beautiful tulips i bought myself for valentine's day. i might make that a monthly occurrence.
wasting:  energy and time on things that do not matter and things i cannot control.
wishing:  for a day off.
anticipating:  spring flowers. they're my love language.  
enjoying:  good conversations. i've had a lot of them in the last month, and it's good for the soul.
waiting:  that's such a loaded word. i'm not even gonna touch it.
wondering:  why people have kids if they aren't going to raise them and teach them manners and love them. 
loving:  the olympics (twizzle!), helping my brother work on his car ( i tightened a bolt.), and oreos (always.).
hoping:  just hoping. having hope, no matter the circumstance.
marveling:  how God speaks through other people, songs, nature, etc. He gets me. He knows my heart and what i need just when i need it. 
needing:  new bed sheets, more coffee, and a great pair of jeans.
learning:  i cannot change people; only God can.
smelling:  my new perfume, sexy amber by michael kors. (ignore the name.) it smells delightful.
wearing:  my favorite tee and skinnies with ankle wedge booties. and as always, my grandma gracie's ring.
following:  Jesus because He is the answer and the reason and my Savior.
noticing:  how a walk around the property does a body (and soul) good.
thinking:  about the fun valentine's day party i had with lovely friends.
bookmarking:  art journal ideas on pinterest  //  blog post inspirations  //  spring fashion.
opening:  the windows because the weather in oklahoma is beautiful today!
giggling:  at the funny names our clients have for me. sweet thang, chuckles, and the list goes on and on.  
feeling:  truthfully, i feel like a failure. i know i'm not. i know the choices people make are not for me to bear, but i feel as though i'm not doing any good at youth group when i see kids heading down the wrong path. but i also know feelings lie.

 trying something new with this month's currently post. idea from sydney.


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