a [valentine's day] happy list.

hearts and arrows. red and purple. hugs and kisses. flowers and candy hearts. balloons and teddy bears. sweethearts and friendships. watching excited little kids pick out valentines for their friends. sending valentine's to friends. receiving cute valentine's day cards in the mail. chocolate. dark chocolate. white chocolate. chocolate with peanut butter. dark chocolate pomegranate bites. you get the point, right? sweethearts' party with friends. still getting a v-day present from my parents. the look on mama's face when daddy sends her roses. treating myself to a heart-sprinkled cake donut. and chocolate. and tulips. and red lipstick. and a new book. and an extra cup of coffee. but most of all - God's love. love for my family. love for my friends. love for my youth group kids. love for everyone. LOVE.


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