Thursday, January 30, 2014


- "nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent." i wonder how long it took eleanor roosevelt to come to that realization. i wonder what happened in her life that she finally put her foot down and said enough. well, that is where i am at this very moment in my life. after weeks of people carelessly verbalizing their comments about my iphoneography, i just knew someone would have something to say about this photo. it was shot with my dslr, but still - look at my peepers. they're like BOOM. all i did was brighten the photo; no airbrushing, no eye enhancement, nada. but alas, i am at the point where i will no longer let absentminded people damage my love and creativity and art because it's a gift given to me by the Creator Himself. from this moment forward, inconsiderate words will not take away from this passion that overflows from every inch of my soul.

- soul pancake and darling magazine's second video - that's what she said: perception and confidence - is WOW. just... wow.

- grammar tip of the week:  lose is the opposite of win;  loose is the opposite of tight.

- YOU GUYS. the puppy bowl will have penguin cheerleaders!!! i can't even handle my emotions or exclamation points right now!!!!!!

- i'm a little late to the party, but the OKDOTHIS app is kinda brilliant. it's more than just a place to publish photos; it's an active community of photographers who share and inspire others with their DO's. here is my profile.

- one of my youth group girls had her heart broken earlier this week. we texted for the better part of the day about every detail. it reminded me of my teenage dating years. mama, good grief - how did you handle all my emotions and tears and heartbreaks. you are a superhero.

- favorite fashionista of the week: t-swizzle at the grammys.

- i really like aubrey's iphone editing how-to video. i get questions daily about my instagrams, so i'm thinking this might be the way to go.

- six false gospels in the bible belt. this was a great read.

- i shared one thing i learned in 2013 on chelsea's blog. (she's also having an awesome giveaway!)

- "you're not a parent, so you don't understand." friends, this may not seem like a hurtful statement, but being punched in the throat would hurt less than that phrase - no matter how you say it. single ladies, we're fully aware of our lack of offspring, right? we don't need that reminder.

- my day gets a little brighter when i open the mailbox and see a letter from one of my lovely pen pals.

- there are forty-nine days until spring, and that makes my flower-lovin' heart happy, happy, happy!

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