Monday, January 27, 2014

weekends are for:

a furry, meowing alarm clock that wants to cuddle. writing pen pals and (finally!) ordering an address book.
happy greetings from my sunday school kids and playing basketball at church with some of my favorite people.
cleaning and finding a new pair of yoga pants in the back of my closet and a quick trip to target with my mama.
soaking up every ray of sunshine on a warm january day. front porch sittin' with sweet tea + a magazine.  
ditching the heavy coat for a white tee, worn-in jeans, & flip flops. rockin' bright pink lipstick, just because.
dancing in the pasture to my favorite song. exploring with fresh eyes while the wind plays with my hair.
discovering unique scenery and finding inspiration in new perspectives. laughter and big hugs from the ones i love.
listening to my parents reminisce. marveling at a perfect sunday afternoon as the sun sets.
looking through pictures at the end of the weekend and thanking my Creator for little joys and abundant blessings.

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