Friday, January 10, 2014


week two of my fifty-two week self-portrait project.

- the t-shirt i'm rockin' above is from one of my favorite companies, walk in love. they design and sell the best tees, all geared toward a 'positive and inspiring message to imitate God'. [this one & this one are on my wishlist.] they also have an array of other items. [one of my favorite books!] not only do i love their products, but i am an avid stalker reader of their blog. i'm obsessed with their how to wear it posts.

- i've decided to pair my 52 week self-portrait project with a series titled "weekly musings". [read more musings here.]

- before graduating from high school, kids should have to perfectly pass a "your, you're/they're, their, there" grammar test.

- i like when bloggers post house tours, but i always wonder if it gives thieves a blueprint of what to steal.

- the probability of finding a husband is greater than beating level 125 of candy crush. [update: i beat that level, so hashtag single forever.]

- i heart lauren conrad's kohl's collection.

- i am not a fan of group texts for the simple fact that there is a guarantee of at least five "who is this?" replies. one of my sunday school boys send a group text last week. sure enough, someone i didn't know texted me back wanting to know who i was. after a couple funny exchanges, it turned serious. this kid was not in a good place. some bad things had happened to him lately. i took that opportunity to tell Him about Jesus. he had questions, and i tried my best to answer them. he thanked me after our conversation. i invited him to youth group. he told me i helped him a lot, but he'll never know how much he affected me. God's fingerprints were all over that situation, and it left me in awe.

- people creep me out when they like 19 of my instagram photos but say nothing.

- not even a week into the new year, and i already put my word of the year into practice: i drove on icy/snowy roads. i prayed the entire time i ran errands earlier this week because that was the only way i wasn't going to have a panic attack. (this is a big deal because i was in a car accident in high school. a girl was going too fast on ice and smashed right into me.)

- weird fact: i get ridiculously excited about making pinboards for upcoming holidays/celebrations. even weirder fact: i delete them so i can make a new one the following year.

- best pick-up line EVER.

- while most girls spent their monday night watching the bachelor, i watched football.

- there will be people who don't understand the path i'm on. and that is okay. it's not for them.

- if you don't ask to use something, it's STEALING. how do people not grasp this concept? just because it's 'the internet' doesn't make it 'okay'.

- for the first week of tax season, i gotta say: it was surprisingly pleasant. [that might not be the case in the coming weeks though.]

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