exodus 14:14.

today's she reads truth devotion is simply to meditate on exodus 14:14 - but these thirteen words are anything but simple:
the Lord will fight for you, and you have only to be silent.

the Lord will fight for [me]. the word "for" sticks out. 
- not with me. He is God; not i. He is fully capable of handling anything. i just need to let go and let Him.
- or against me. He is never against me, but when things don't go my way, i tend to question His reason.
- but FOR me. He loves me more than i'll ever comprehend. everything He does in regards to me and my life is FOR my benefit, FOR the best, and most importantly, FOR His glory.

you have only to be silent. me, silent? but i want to know why, how, when, where? 
- the NLT states: just stay calm. causing a ruckus won't help a thing.
- NIV says: you only need to be still. be still. exhausting myself of every possible solution isn't faith.
- the message reads: you keep your mouths shut! sometimes i just need to hush. i'm so busy talking about my problem that i don't take time to wait quietly before the Lord.

so much truth to soak up in one sentence. He - the Lord of Heaven's Armies - WILL fight for me and protect me - even when i can't see it. it's a promise, and He is trustworthy. in the midst of the chaos of life, i need to be still. in verse fifteen, the Lord tells moses and the israelites to "get moving". just seven verses later, He leads them safely across the sea on dry ground, unharmed by pharaoh's army. not only am i called to quietly trust, but i can walk down His path in faith, trusting Him to protect me from the raging walls of water all around me. i just got chills.

Lord, calm my fears. may i boldly walk in Your truths, growing in faith and wisdom. You will always fight for me, even behind the scenes. 

help me to be still and let You be God instead of trying to be in control and have it my way.


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