a lost art.

future generations won't know the awesomeness of good tv, like full house or saved by the bell, nor will they have to ask their sibling to get off the house phone so they can use the internet. technology is everywhere these days. it's great to be connected with family and friends at any given time, but oftentimes, we aren't living our own lives because we're too busy trying read about everyone else's through status updates and pictures. in an effort to untether myself from social media and invest more into my relationships, i wrote this post a couple months ago. my quest to form relationships outside of likes and followers and retweets led me to re-discover what is now almost a lost art: handwritten letters. i expected one or two ladies [or my mama] to e-mail me, but the response blew my mind. i now have ten pen pals. TEN! it seems like i get an e-mail each week from a reader who wants to communicate via snail mail. it is so refreshing to write and receive heartfelt notes.

when i sat down to write my pen pals, i realized i had no stationery. i scoured the internet [oh, the irony] and came across a website called
tiny prints. they have everything from stationery to photo cards to thank you cards to invitations to announcements.

i immediately knew i wanted the artistic angles card [first card above] because of the design. how cute is it? i plan to use these as thank you cards. i never knew the significance of sending thank you notes until i received one from a dear lady at church. she thanked me for the flower arrangements i put out every month. it was the sweetest thing. she could have easily told me in person, but she took the time to write out a simple thank you note. it meant so much to me. i hope to do the same for someone else. 

the next card i ordered was the dreamy focus photo card [second card above]. i wanted to showcase my photo that was featured on instagram a few months ago. the card turned out beautifully. i love the haziness because it allows writing to be seen. this would be so cute with a family photo.

when i run out of these cards, i plan to order this and this and write scriptures to encourage my sista-friends. in the chaos of life, i'm grateful for little reminders that it's not about being the best or having thousands of blog readers or living up to society's standards. it's about love. it's about relationships and the people we do life with. it's about serving others and sharing the love of Jesus - even if it's through a simple act like sending a letter. 


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