- my end-of-the-year recap blog post. it's my favorite post to write. [see 2011 & 2012.]
- simplicity.
- christmas crafts. 

▲ listening: 
- "o holy night". it's my favorite christmas song.
- "all i want for christmas is you" - mariah carey. 
- the bc clark jingle. if you live in oklahoma, you know it isn't officially christmas until you hear it!
- "o come o come emmanuel" - the civil wars.

▲ reading:
- gifted: eclosea - stefne miller. she's posting one chapter a day. go read NOW.
- people style watch magazine's december/january issue. 

- hp, book 6. 
- january issue of instyle.  

▲ watching:
- christmas movies! home alone, elf, etc.
- the office, season seven. 
- penguins: waddle all the way.
- law & order: svu.
- courtney loves dallas. judge me all you want. it's my guilty pleasure. girlfriend has style and personality.

▲ anticipating: 
- youth group tonight! the kids are putting on a christmas play that is told from the angels' perspective. it's so awesome.
- christmas shopping with mama. it's a tradition, and i love spending the day with my 'BBF'. (that's how she says it.)

▲ praying for:
- korben. he is still taking chemo. please lift up this precious boy and his family.
- a renewed heart in this advent season.
- my youth group girls. i remember how awkward/hard/emotional/crazy life was at their age.

- how beautifully serene nature is when snow is falling.
- how wonderful my pictures are from postal pix

- everyone has a story. take time to listen.
- you don’t have to change others in order to love them.
- "arrange whatever pieces come your way." virginia woolf.

▲ making me happy:
- she reads truth: emmanuel plan.
- the scents this time of year brings. pine, peppermint, cinnamon.
- collecting remnants from my daily life. who knew trash could tell a story?
- my evening reading time with boomer cuddled in my lap.
- birchbox. they have been spot-on the last two months!


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