weekly musings.

- i dyed my hair red again, and when i rinsed it out in the shower - oh, mylanta. it looked like i murdered someone, y'all.

- i get on facebook and scroll through the newsfeed only to be reminded why i don't like facebook.

- isn't it funny how a smell can take you back in time? i love when a scent reminds me of a memory.

- i bought myself the best mug ever. yes, ever.

- after decades of singing christmas songs, i have finally decided "o holy night" is my favorite.

- oklahoma weather be crazy. fog for days, then snow/ice/sleet, an earthquake thrown in the mix, and ending with more snow.

- i am never too old to watch scooby doo.

- i'm still mad/affected by hershel's death on the walking dead. i know it's a tv show, but still.

- OU's game-winning touchdown resulted in daddy and i screaming like lunatics. 

- listening to mama order at starbucks is the cutest thing.

- i have been rocking the katniss braid a lot since watching catching fire.

- pluto is still a planet, no matter what anyone says.

- i bought these boots at target over the weekend. they're so cute i could to sleep in them. (i also want the black pair, but they're sold out.)

- the elf on the shelf is used to promote good behavior. correct me if i'm wrong, but isn't that the parents' job?

- those people selling straighteners in the mall flock to me like vultures. one look at my long hair, and i know i'm caught in their crosshairs. (zing!)

- level 102 of candy crush is my arch nemesis.

- i started the last harry potter book. i cried like a baby at the end of the half-blood prince. i don't want to believe it.

- i kinda want to start a fashion friday post.

- when i refer to my brother as "my baby brother", people think of a toddler, not a twenty-five-year-old handsome guy with a beard.

- want to win fun goodies and an ad space on my little blog? stop by cara's blog.

- starbucks' bacon, egg, and gouda breakfast sandwich is from heaven. seriously though.


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