thankful + merry.

at the rhema lights in 2010.

i have a confession to make: i am a reformed no-christmas-before-thanksgiving grinch.

say what?

i used to be one of those people. i would not dare utter a christmas carol or hang tinsel until after thanksgiving. i was firm in my ways and gave the eye roll to any pre-turkey day holly jolly-ness. one holiday at a time, people! but then something strange happened at the end of september...

i started humming christmas songs. cue dramatic gasp.
i made a christmas pinterest board before halloween. oh, the horror.
and hey... i liked it.

i have come to the realization that it is okay to let the christmas celebrations begin early. that goes to say that i will not let thanksgiving go by the wayside. i can give thanks and celebrate christmas at the same time. both holidays are about Jesus + family + love + thankfulness, so i say be thankful + merry at the same time!

thanksgiving//christmas to-do list:

▸be thankful and show that thanks with service and love.
▸three words: leftover turkey sammiches.
▸decorate the tree and our front yard.
▸read and study the birth of my Savior.
▸crocheted a stuffed penguin.
▸try eggnog. i'm not sure i'll like it though.
▸make this pinterest craft.
▸watch my favorite christmas movies. home alone and elf are classics in my book. 
▸drink lots of daddy's homemade hot chocolate.
▸wear an ugly christmas sweater.
▸eat way too many red oreos and milk
▸design and mail my own christmas cards.
▸listen to christmas music.
▸drink way too many peppermint mochas from starbucks.
▸make free christmas printables.
▸freak out every time i spot a penguin shirt, penguin mug, stuffed penguin, penguin socks, etc.
▸spread kindness.
▸bake sugar cookies.
▸make paper snowflakes.
▸be in the moment, enjoying family and traditions and the true meaning of this season.


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