- christmas printables. they'll be (free!) on the blog next week.
- my christmas cards.
- i'm thinking about writing a beauty post once a month. products i love, new finds, etc.
- a crocheted penguin. when my grandma gracie was alive, she crocheted the cutest animals. we have boxes of her little creations.

▲ listening: 
- "desert song" - aj michalka. i literally have this song on repeat when i'm driving.
- "He is with us" - love and the outcome.
- "run run rudolph" - kelly clarkson.
- "christmas tonight" - dave barnes.

▲ reading:
- relevant magazine.
- whispers of hope - beth moore
- people style watch magazine's november issue. 
- hp, book 6. 
- instyle's november & december issues.  

▲ watching:
- i am breaking out the christmas movies this weekend!
- the office, season 7.
- law & order: svu.  

▲ anticipating: 
- tonight's youth group. it's my favorite night of the week!   
- falls creek. it's over six months away, but it is going to be so fun for my youth group kids.
- letters from my pen pals.
- my new instax camera!

▲ praying for:
- korben. i don't have a single high school memory without his mama in it. this family is so dear to my heart. please pray for them!
- the philippines.
- that i can be the kind of role model the girls at youth group can look up to.

- how God connects me to people i've never met through blogging. i love meeting new ladies and learning about y'all. 
- beautiful autumn nature. 

▲ learning:
- i can give advice, but sometimes people have to learn it for themselves.
- how to crochet the penguin i mentioned earlier. anyone know of a helpful crocheting website?
- if you scrape the frost off your windows, do it five minutes before you leave. i tried to avoid being late this morning, so i proceeded to scrape thirty minutes before i left. a thin layer formed while i was getting ready. gah.

▲ making me happy:
- going to target on friday! i live an hour away, so i treasure the few times a month i get to shop there. #smalltowngirlprobs
- peppermint mochas from starbucks.
- gold, bronze, and silver sharpies.
- yankee candle's 'pinecone and lime' candle. it smells like christmas.
- chapstick's hydration lock. i've never been a chapstick fan, but this one came in last month's birchbox, and i use it everyday!
- the most wonderful time of the year.


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