don't quote me on that.

"God will never give me more than i can handle."

this quote has been floating around the social media world for quite some time now, and i'm going to be frank: i find it to be rubbish.
it makes about as much sense as "follow your heart". yet it's tweeted & retweeted, liked & reblogged, with comments in agreement and praise.

i completely disagree with the notion that God will never give me more than i can handle. if that were the case, i wouldn't need God or the Cross or a Savior because i could handle what i was given. i could manage and wouldn't desperately drop to my knees when it got so tough that all i could do was cry out to God, praying for His strength, intervention, healing, or whatever the need may be. my cries for His help would be replaced with self-sufficiency. aka, pride. am i making sense?

He never promised that life would be free of hard trials; however, He did promise He would always be there. when i'm pushed to my limit, it's there in that moment of realization that i see my need for a Savior. i need Him - always. i can't do this on my own, though i try again and again, only to be brought to the place i find myself time and time again - weeping, asking Him to take it from me, and repenting for not trusting that His plan is better. my fragile human self cannot go one day without His divine help.

so if you ask me, i think this quote is misleading. it comes off as "i can handle it all" when the fact is - i need Jesus like i need breath in my lungs. apart from Him, i am nothing. if left to my own devices, i'm on my way to death. when i give all my worries and troubles to Him, i can rest because His yoke is easy


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