a happy list.

chocolate milk. maxi skirts. cleaning out the closet. kindness. little surprise gifts. caramel apple suckers. iphone 5. relevant magazine. pine cones. football. foggy mornings. 50% off sales. God's Word jumping off the page. family dinners. glitter. blossoming friendships. a dance party. journal doodling. encouraging texts. butterflies. mark 5:34. snuggling into bed with a book. good, meaningful quotes. tweetin'. waking up at 3 am to find a kitty cuddling with me. designing. red nail polish. sweet emails from blog readers. nature explorations. the gospel. fresh okra. summer sunshine. pumpkin spice scented candles. the office. this tear-jerker youtube video. sweatpants & no makeup. taco tuesdays. 


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