Saturday, August 31, 2013



it's my birthday! i've been trying to wrap my mind around that fact that i am twenty-seven. like, whoa
life is crazy-beautiful. when i think about the journey that's led to this point, all i can do is thank God. 
His provision and protection and guidance are humbling. 
i am overwhelmed by His grace, consumed by His love. i am forgiven. i am redeemed. i am His. 
whether i'm basking in the sunshine or i'm in the middle of a hurricane, i will praise His name. 
He is my joy and my salvation. He is the song i sing and the reason i dance. 
He is my Rock and my strength. He is my life, my all in all.
i will tell of His praises until He calls me home, and then i will praise Him forevermore! 

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