2024: JAN 29 - FEB 4


+  my friend told me about the lapse photo app + i am a little obsessed! it is fun + creative. 📷

+  a month in review: january 2024

+  after over a week of thinking about it, i finally made my own DIY charm necklace. it is so cute! hobby lobby had the best selection of charms, but i am thinking about ordering this charm or maybe this set

+  jared surprised me with an apple watch! i mostly use it for tracking my steps (my work has a wellness app that i can use to get points that translate to cash money). 🚶🏼‍♀️

+  this week's weather had me dreaming of spring. but i live in kansas, and i know this is one of many false springs. 😂☀️

+  i started watching suits last week + i'm hooked. (using vidangel, of course 😉)

and now that we're here
i give You glory + the praise
for all of the years
Your loving-kindness kept me safe
i know that the storms will always come
oh, but even when the devil thought he won
that's when You show up


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