H A P P E N I N G S :  

+  we rang in the new year at our church, singing praises to the Lord. it was a lovely way to celebrate the new year! 

+  i transitioned to my new position at work -- all the praise goes to the Lord - Jehovah Jireh!

+  i had a WFH snow day + it was the best ❄️

+  i got to snuggle my new nephew! he is so perfect. (he’s also *technically* my great nephew, but i’m far too young to be a great aunt. the only time ollie is allowed to call me a great aunt is when he’s talking about how wonderful i am. 😂)  

+  i took a week off social media for our church’s quarterly consecration week. it was so good — as always. 

+ i made a charm necklace + it was such a fun process! 🖤

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i started reading book lovers because everyone raves about all of EH's books (which i typically find just okay). i DNF'd it at about 40% because it was just so booooooring! 

-  a snowy WFH day ❄️
-  friday evening coffee
-  buffalo sauce
-  finishing a good book!
-  decluttering
-  two holidays off work

   O B S E R V A T I O N S   

+  my new position at work is such a blessing, but as i have started getting in to what my tasks will be, i see just how far back the Lord's plan really goes. it starts with the summer after i graduated high school, when i thought my life was over because i had to move back home after my living situation for college crumbled overnight. my grandma offered me a job until i could figure out what the next steps were -- and i ended up working there for 12 years! the experience i gained from that job is vital to my current job + there are so many layers to this story. all the glory goes to the Lord because of His provision + His grace.

+ if you cut corners, it will reflect in the results. 

+ a friend gave me such good advice. i was talking about my struggles with people pleasing + fear of man. he reminded me that it is not an overnight process. 20+ years of a habit cannot go away at the snap of a finger. praise the Lord for grace + good friends. 


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